Why RE-EL?

A Brand For Good

We donate 2% of sales to mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer. Let me explain.

As an organization, we believe that brands should exist for good. What does that mean for us? It starts with the products we put out into the world and how we speak about them. Giving financially is also something we hold with great importance. So, at the end of every quarter, we send 2% of sales to Movember. Movember is leading the effort for mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer. We believe providing funds to an organization like this is the most impactful way to contribute to a cause that matters to us. So, you can trust that 2% of every purchase you make will go to this worthy cause.

Effective & Safe Ingredients

Shea Butter - A rich tree-nut oil that creates a smooth and soft barrier, sealing in moisture at the surface.

Mineral Oil - One of Earth's most moisturizing natural ingredients. Known to be effective in skin-replenishing.

Water (H2O) - Nature's #1 provider of hydration. Key for the longterm health and recovery of the skin.

Glycerin - A type of moisturizing ingredient that pulls water into the outer layer of your skin from deeper levels of your skin and the air.

Stearic - A fatty acid that creates a protective barrier for your skin and defends against water loss.

Cetearyl  - A fatty alcohol known for being non-irritating and exceptionally beneficial for the skin and a key softener of hair. Considered an effective ingredient for soothing and healing dry skin.

The Science

After taking a look at shaving foam and gel under a microscope we discovered the origin of razor burn and irritation. It turns out, micro air bubbles are created due to the harsh ingredients and packaging process. When either product is applied to the skin, those air bubbles don't just disappear. So, you end up with unprotected patches of skin that can't be protected from the razor.

Once we nailed down the shortcomings of products like these, we built the anti shaving foam. A Shave Cream that softens hair follicles and creates a fully protective barrier to deliver an incredibly comfortable shave. The Aftershave Balm closes that shave out with more moisturizing ingredients than you can count on one hand and a sharp, fresh scent.


No Animal Cruelty - We do not. And will not. Test products or ingredients on animals of any kind!

FDA Approval - All ingredients we use, and processes we follow are in line with the FDA's guidelines.

Relentless - If nothing changes nothing changes. It's a motto our team goes by and we use it to drive for the discovery of better, more effective products. It's why we launched and why we continue pushing forward.

A Guy, Just Like You

The founder

Hey man! I'm Jon, the Creator of RE-EL. I started developing RE-EL because I knew I wasn't the only guy sick and tired of embarrassing razor burn and irritation. After over a year of testing and refining we launched and started delivering better shaves to guys all around the world. Thanks for coming along for the journey!