Hey man! My name is Jon Farah, the founder of RE-EL and this is the story that led me to launch the brand.

It’s 2 am on a Tuesday morning in January 2018. I’ve got a workout at 6 am but I just. can’t. stop. Googling. The Googling started around 10:30 pm and at this point I’m RED with anger. They got me! Big corporate brands with massive marketing budgets and not a care in the world for the consumer.

I’m not supposed to fall for this kind of bullsh*t I tell myself. I do marketing for a living. I’m supposed to be able to sniff out crap like this when I see it. But I hadn’t. I found out that chemists around the world had written studies about air and water pockets in shaving foam and gels that left skin virtually unprotected. And THIS, THIS was why I had spent so many years through high school and college dealing with the embarrassment and irritation of red razor burn on my face and neck.

They have known. They had to have known about these issues for YEARS! And were they doing anything about it? Were they putting their six-figure-making chemists on it to find a solution? No. They were cutting quality and cutting costs to pay shareholders and make wall street happy.

On this day at 2 am is when RE-EL was truly born. I knew if I had struggled with  razor burn for so long without understanding the cause there must have been tons of guys out there with the same problem. So I set out to fix it. I knew I needed to make a fluid solution that would protect and rejuvenate skin.

Click HERE for a walk-through on the science behind RE-EL products.