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1st time user long time shaver

Getting used to the razor. It’s been forever since I’ve used a single blade. But the shave it gives is excellent. I even got a little razor burn, but thank god for the after shave.

Shaving Cream and After Shave Bundle

The Shaving Cream is unlike no other I've ever tried. It's refreshing and soft, while having a nice consistency to it.

The after shave is just remarkable. It has a pleasing, yet subtle scent. Leaves my skin feeling nourished and moistened post shave. This is a brand that I believe in and have been recommending to my friends and audience!

Loving my Shave Bundle Kit from REEL

I never had a shaving cream product I really loved until I heard about and used REEL. Since using there shaving cream and after shave products. My skin not only has been feeling great, but also smelling good too.

Product’s Quality

I have been using the shaving butter for over 6 months and it has become my go to for every time I shave! It helps reduce skin irritation and razor burns

Never going back!

Only have gone through 1 blade so far and I can already tell the difference on my skin!! Went ahead and ordered more because I know I’ll never be going back!!

No more razor burn!

This product is a god send. I dealt with razor burn for 15 years. No more! Thank you RE-EL.

Hell of a SHAVE!

I don’t like shaving. But after using RE-EL I hate shaving a lot less… actually I kind of enjoy it now. My Skin felt great and best of all NO razor-burn!



Loving it!

My GF bought this for me as some "gentle" encouragement to clean myself up during quarantine... I must admit she picked well. RE-EL leaves my skin smooth and looking great! 10/10 would recommend!

Super comfortable shave

I loved using the Shave Cream! It’s completely transparent and very lightly scented. It contains Shea Butter which is a fantastic moisturizer. I don’t usually love the inclusion of Mineral Oil in skincare since it’s not the best for oily skin types, but since Shave Cream is washed off, it’s totally fine in this case. I really felt like my face was protected using the Shave Cream, and experienced ZERO nicks, which almost never happens.

I equally liked the Aftershave Balm. I normally loathe aftershave products because they’re usually heavily fragranced and irritating to the skin. I really enjoyed using this one, though! It’s very lightweight, doesn’t feel greasy on the skin and has a pleasant herbal fragrance that isn’t overpowering. I love that RE-EL left out the mineral oil here and added dimethicone, which is a great moisturizer and skin protectant. The Aftershave Balm left my skin smooth and hydrated all day, which is what I look for after shaving! I definitely recommend these products and plan on using them again.

I'm Hooked

After using this product once I’m hooked. RE-EL is unlike any shaving cream I’ve used before.

The huge difference in this shaving cream is they added Cetearyl which is a NATURAL softener of hair making a huge difference when it comes to shaving and reducing tug and pull with a full razor. They really built this shaving cream to soften and condition your hair, and leave your skin protected.

The aftershave balm is absolutely packed with moisturizers and natural ingredients that help your skin hold moisture and repair itself. (It smells like a vacation too)

Show of your stache

With great mustache comes great responsibility, and also the need for a great shave cream. RE-EL keeps my stache as the main focus of conversation, not my razor bumps. I will never buy another shaving cream.


Never thought I’d have a tug-less and razor burn free shave then I tried this product. I did t even have a new razor the first time I used it and worked great. It was like my facial hair was just ready to come off and the scent was a nice addition. I’m definitely sticking with this!!

Love the aftershave balm! Really makes your skin feel moisturized after a shave. I never have liked the big brand stuff and am glad to have found RE-EL. Great scent too!

Legit stuff

I was a little skeptical because I’ve been using the same stuff since I started shaving and figured everything was pretty much the same. Not this stuff though. Game changer! No more in grown hairs or redness on my neck. Legit!!

Best on the market

Just placed my second order. This shave cream / balm combo is the best on the market. It makes shaving everyday easy while leaving your skin feeling soft after. Great product form an amazing company.

Wow no sting

I stopped using regular liquid aftershave because of the burning sensations. Thought to myself there was no way that could be good for me. Then I noticed my skin was getting dry so I started using this and it has been great. Feel and smells great!


Finally a shave cream/balm combo that does the job! My neck has had razor bumps since I started shaving in high school and this has been the only product to fix that. I even use the after shave balm on days I don’t shave and not only does it help with razor bumps on my neck but the wife loves it!

Absolutely love the feeling of the cream!

The cream is extremely smooth, doesn't let my blades cut my skin, and leaves no stinging at the end. I would highly recommend for non-white people's facial hair!

Re-eeally Good!

I reviewed these products on Instagram. Thanks again!

Cause you’re so Smoooooooth

Got the bundle after needing to refill my current shave cream. I have used a lot of bigger name products in the past but RE-EL was different. It’s a perfect medley of scent and texture. Feels good on the face, works better than your standard foam, and smells dang good.

Easy to edge up my neck beard

Never have I been able to see through shaving cream before. It's crazy. Totally takes the guess work out of getting a good line on by beard so it's much more clean now. And it doesn't clog up my razor while I'm trying to clean it out. Just come right out when I run it under water. I bought the bundle the first time and I'll definitely keep getting it.

Finally comfortable shaving every day

I'm in sales so I'm always on the road meeting clients so i like to keep a clean shave. Usually I struggle with my collar/tie rubbing up against my neck after I shave. With these two products I didn't have any sort of discomfort like I usually do. Grat stuff!

I really like it a lot. Especially how smooth the shave is

Originally ordered for the launch and on my second restock of the bundle. I've been telling a lot of people about it because I know so many people are sick of rough shaves like I was. For along time I tried pulling off a beard to avoid hacing to shave but I don't exactly grow a full one. So, I'm pumped that this is such a comfortable shave since I can go back to shaving about every other day!