Set Up & Accomplish Your Goals in 2021 - 5 Steps

Welcome to 2021! Whether you're ready for it or not. It's here! At the beginning of every year, you probably see a lot of Instagram posts about people planning for the year ahead and announcing to the world what they aim to accomplish. The sad truth is most don't ever accomplish their goals. We've got a suspicion it has a whole lot to do with the approach. Or, lack of a planned approach at all. So we went ahead and documented the approach that continues to work for us! Grab a sheet of lined paper and try it for yourself.

1 - Write it Down

The natural first step in this process. Start with 3-5 words at the top of the paper that best describes what you are aiming to accomplish. If you find yourself writing more than five words go ahead and take some time to really refine what the goal is and come back to step one when you're ready. From here, go ahead and write 2-5 sentences directly below the goal that define it, make it specific, and mention a "why?" that's driving the goal.

At the bottom of the page write a reward you will give to yourself and indulge in at when you have accomplished the goal. This will come into play later on!

2 - What, When, How

It's time to put some action items in place. This is where you will start to break your goal down by months. Write below the goal definition - what you need to accomplish each month and how are you going to do it. Laying out the what, when, and how, for your goal will make the tasks required to achieve it feel more bite-sized and attainable.

3 - Check it Off

You're writing this goal for your future self. And as you achieve each of your micro-goals throughout the year it's massively important to check off your to-dos as they're completed. This physical act that shows you're putting in the work will help build the self confidence you'll need to forge on remain disciplined.

4 - Adjust

The Romans couldn't see territories they set out to conquer before they arrived. They wouldn't make the assumption everything could be predicted ahead of time. Roadblocks, pumps in the road, and surprises will arise as you travel down the path to accomplishing your goal. Make sure to consider adjustments to the overall and micro-goals to keep things attainable and reasonable.

5 - Reward

You need to reward yourself. This is extremely important! No matter how small or how big the reward it is important to teach yourself that with risk and work comes reward. At the bottom of the paper, where you've written a reward to yourself if you reach the goal. MAKE SURE to actually deliver on that promise you made. 

Go out and crush it this year dude. You got this!

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