Quarantine Beard Hacks

With the world largely shut down, taking Zoom calls from your new home office, and finding new ways to workout. You've taken the opportunity to let your beard grow out. Maybe, longer than it's ever been before. That's awesome! Since this is a new territory, we wanted to put together three quick hacks you can use to keep the best looking, and most comfortable beard possible.

1. Condition Regularly
Why does your girlfriend condition her hair all the time? Because she has a sh*t ton of hair, and it feels so much better when it's soft and smells great. You should take the same approach with your new bear. Keeping it clean and soft with help with breathability, skin health underneath your beard, and your overall comfort level at all times.

2. Trim & Comb
Has your beard ever gotten to a point where it's just getting long enough where each strand of hair starts to curl on its own? Well, that's when you know it's the first time to trim. You don't want to trim your entire beard down to nothing here. You're just aiming to trim off the dead ends since those can start to prick your skin. And, of course, go for some consistency in length. You'll want to keep combing and trimming regularly to grow a fluid, consistent beard and minimize discomfort from dead ends!

3. Hands Off!
Now, we know it's hard. But try not to touch or play with your beard. The oil natural oil and dirt that comes from your hands isn't the kind of oil you'll want in your bread. If touching your beard becomes regular you'll start to get odd scents coming from your beard along with, potentially, acne and skin irritation underneath your beard. So, no touch!

Keep growing dude! And don't forget, a clean neck shave makes that jawline look it's best 😎

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