How to Beard Up This Winter

Queue game of thrones into theme music - Winter is coming! Or, for many of us, it's already here. And you know what that means. It's beard-growing season. You may have made it through all of No Shave November, or you're finding some comfort in a new accidental face blanket. Either way, you're getting thoughtful and intentional about the way your beard is being maintained. We're going to dive into three super easy and incredibly appealing beard approaches you can take on this winter. Time to level up!


It's as simple as simple gets and works great for you guys out there who naturally have a strong jawline. In the first week, it may look a little inconsistent or sit at an awkward length that's why we recommend trimming it at your ideal length at least twice a week to keep things clean. Beware, this look is only to be paired with a high and tight haircut to pull off the scruffy yet confident look. You may look a little tired without that style of haircut.


Long & Square

Have you been growing out your beard most of the quarantine without much maintenance? Thinking it's time to clean things up but loving the length? This one is for you dude! For the first trim make sure to go have your barber to the cutting for you and talk through how he/she is doing so it's easy to recreate at home. It'll add a few extra bucks to your barber visit, however, it's 100% worth it to get started on the right foot.

Deep Edge

It's time to get the most out of what jawline. Even if you may be bulking this winter. The deep edge/cheek shave/clean neck style is a very easy yet very clean look you can rock. It requires a quick and simple shave every other day to keep your look consistent and you can easily pull it off in social or professional settings. Don't forget to give it a light trim about once per week!

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