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Let's be honest - laying down a workout plan and sticking with it isn't easy. Especially when life gets busy. Studies show that guys who have a pre-determined workout before they get to the gym and get started at home experience exponentially better workouts and see results faster. So, why not let someone else plan the workout for you? Below we dive into our four favorite free workout resources.

Muscle & Strength

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With 1000+ free workout programs to follow Muscle & Strength has workouts for every starting point and goal. Most workouts require a gym and will help you schedule each week of workouts to stay on track. Just about every exercise in the programs also comes with an instructional video to make sure your form is on point!

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Trying to challenge your cardio limits and build muscle without any equipment? WODWell is perfect for you as their free Workout Of the Day database can be filtered to only show workouts that don't require equipment. These CrossFit-style workouts will challenge you no matter your level. Follow their IG page to randomize your workouts with the most popular WODs.

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Fitness Blender

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Fitness Blender created a database of 600+ free guided workouts that can all be done at home with minimal equipment. These workouts span across categories like HIIT, Strength, and flexibility. Fitness Blender is perfect for finding a video-guided workout that fits what your body needs on any given day.

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Yoga With Tim

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As you likely already know flexibility is KEY for injury prevention and overall comfort. Especially if you are sitting at a desk all day. Yoga can be intimidating for guys especially in a studio setting. So recommend starting with Tim's 30-day video-guided yoga classes to get the basics down and increase flexibility.

Click Here (30-Day Challenge)


So, what are you waiting for? Check out these free workout resources and break a sweat today!

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