4 Jacket Styles You Need to Upgrade to This Winter

Outdoor seating at restaurants and breweries, backyard hangs, and outside activities. All signs of today point to a new challenge for your go-to jacket. The jacket isn't something we wear outside to get from point A to point B anymore. The jacket isn't something we hide away when we arrive at our destination, because your destination today is outside. So, you may be thinking it's time to level up your go-to jacket to something that communicates your style no matter the temp. We're taking a look at 4 great options to do just that!

Black Parka

It's the perfect crossover jacket between business casual and just good ole casual. Picking black ensures this jacket can be worn with any other colors or styles you're rocking and the fur hood is perfect for catching a few extra eyes!

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Tan Peacoat

Bolder than bold. The Tan Peacoat is slick, versatile, and most importantly clean. Rock this jacket with jeans or dress pants. Whatever you do, as long as you don't attempt to pair it with shorts you will be good to go! Ideal for the business grinder who takes a more casual approach to after-hours activities.

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Puffer Vest

The classic puffer vest! We recommend this jacket for guys living a little further south who have to navigate those cold mornings and warm afternoons. It's the perfect jacket to deal with a wide range of temperatures and suit plenty of social gatherings. Pair this with casual athletic gear or clean tees and pants.

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Athletic Hoodie

Comfort is King! That's the saying, right? The world around us is moving fast and so are we. So it's incredibly important to have a clean and equally comfortable option for, well, getting sh*t done. Walking the dog, running errands, and of course, working out it works for all of the above and you'll still look great. Because you never know who you may run into.

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