1 or 6 Blades? Which is better?

Let’s talk about razors! We've all seen it, single edge razors are making a comeback. So, you may be asking yourself why you're paying $2 or more for a fancy 6-blade razor when you could be paying $.06 per double edge razor. And, more importantly, is there a difference in comfort and results between the two? We've done the testing, digging, and research to answer it all for you! Here are the three key factors you should consider.


When you put a razor to your skin, what you’re hoping for is the most comfortable and close shave possible. Friction plays a huge factor in that experience! Believe it or not, the more blades you have, the more friction they create. Dragging, pulling, and irritating your skin. Think about it this way - the more surface area of contact at any given time, the more friction. So, why would they sell you a 6-blade razor? Let's do the math of what you'd spend over 5 years with each razor supplier.

Safety razor:
  • Steel handle: $60
  • Blades: $3.50/year X 5 years = $17.50
  • 5 Year Total: $77.50
6-blade razor:
  • Handle: $20
  • Blades: $108/year X 5 years = $540
  • 5 Year Total: $560

    Even though it's worse for your shave and your skin. More blades = more profit for them.

    Ingrown Hairs

    With more friction, dragging, and pulling, comes more ingrown hairs. How does it happen? It's pretty simple actually. Once the first blade passes over the hair follicle, it cuts the hair growing from it. After that, the rest is just damage.

    Ingrown Hair Prevention by RE-EL

    Frequently, the compounded impact of the following blades (without any shave cream left for protection) will damage the hair follicle below the skin's surface. Causing irritation and angled re-growth leading to ingrown hairs, or worse.


    Okay, so, it's pretty clear here which kind of razor is the best for both your wallet and your shaving experience. What else goes into delivering an extremely comfortable shave? It's the lubricant (aka shave cream) you use to protect your skin and hair follicles from potential damage razors can inflict. Make sure to use a Shave Cream that softens hair follicles with conditioning ingredients, rejuvenates your skin with natural ingredients like Shea Butter, and creates a smooth, consistent lubricant. Oops, we just described our Shave Cream. But really, there's nothing better!

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