Edge Up That Beard The Right Way

It's that time of year where we are in the thick of winter most of us are getting more comfortable with some facial hair. You may be thinking it's time to clean up your beard and use it to define the curvature of your face. It's always a great move and we want to help you get that Dan Bilzerian look. We're here to help with a few steps to nail edging up your beard.


It's the most important and underrated step to edging up your beard evenly. Grab the straight edge of a comb because we're going to use it as a shaving guide. Starting on one side of your face place the edge or your comb where the hair and beard meet next to your ear. Now, place the other end of the comb at the corner of your mouth. The visual line your comb creates is the line we shave along and clean up your upper cheeks.


Keep it conventional on the shave. Always shave away from your eye and down toward the bottom of your face to go with the grain. We recommend using our Shave Cream and Safety Razor. Our Shave Cream is designed to be translucent so you can always see those lines you are tracking along. And, of course, it doesn't get much better than our Safety Razor for shaving with precision unless you're a mast machete handler.


There are two simple steps you should follow while shaving your neck. First, make sure to shave with the grain the best you can. And second, look up a lot. Tilting your head back will help you see those lines you're trying to create and pull your neck skin tight for the smoothest of shaves.


This is the knockout punch of any shaving routine. Even though you aren't shaving your entire face with a beard edge up. It's still key to rejuvenate the areas you did shave. You'll thank us later!