Why is softening hair so important in Shave Cream? How does it prevent ingrown hairs?

Why should I care that the Shave Cream is see-through?

I heard mineral oil is bad. It's in the Aftershave Balm though?

What's the scent of each product like?

Will I get any kind of irritation from using your products?


How does Shea Butter help if I'm just going to wash the Shave Cream off?

Stearic acid sounds intense. What's that all about?

Why is Cetearyl in both products?

What's the purpose of mineral oil in the Aftershave Balm?

Are all of the ingredients 100% natural?

Why is water one of the top ingredients in both products?

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Is the satisfaction guarantee for real?

Will RE-EL make me feel more confident?

How frequently were these questions actually asked?


How fast does the free shipping arrive?

If I decide I don't like the products and want a refund do I need to ship them back?

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